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If there was a single idea that came out by the end of the day, it was this: Stop bitching about the “have nots” and do something with the “haves.” Nowhere was this more apparent than in Molly Crabapple’s talk where she portrayed herself as an anti-establishment punk artist and author. Apparently, she was kicked out of her school because she was “diagnosed” with some such “aggressive” disorder. Her reaction? Simply put: “Fuck you very much!” She went on to found Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School which quickly transformed from a local drawing community in Brooklyn to a movement with outposts in over 100 cities. In effect, it became a DIY Empire.

Artists and amateurs alike swarm to these experiences in droves (both nationally and internationally) to draw glamorous underground personalities that range from burlesque dancers and fetish models to drag queens. She challenged her listeners to stop bitching about the cool stuff that just won’t happen in their community and just go ahead and do them themselves. “Because, really,” she continued, “if you’re not going to do them, they are just not going to happen.” Underneath this daring attitude was the implication that DIY is no small potatoes. It’s hard work.

The reason why her presentation stuck in my mind more than any other big names who were in the lineup was that her work embodied the true DIY spunk.

— Insanely flattering blog entry on Pandora’s Box.  (via mollycrabapple)



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